Unani Herbal Medicine

Unani Herbal Medicine (The Unani natural frameworks are essentially humbled on Hippocrates' Humoral Theory. This expect the nearness of four humors in the body. As indicated by Unani logic the wellbeing and disease of an individual relies on the parity of these humors in the body. They are Balgham (Phlegm), Safra (Yellow bile), Dam (Blood), Sauda (Black bile) stay in harmony. Each person during giving birth is granted with a one of a kind character and this can be controlled by the nearness of all the four humors in various extents in the body. This sort of different drugs basically used to maintain balance and equilibrium in humors. In this method the Hakim embraces various techniques to bring back all the four personalities in harmony to re-establish the well-being of a personal.)

  • Unani Cupping Therapy
  • Unani Arabic Medicinal Herbs
  • Unani Agastya
  • Unani Ashtamahasiddhi
  • Unani Varmam

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