Pharmacognosy & Medicinal Plants

 Pharmacognosy & Medicinal Plants (Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy which are related to the medicinal plants. Pharmacognosy is the study of chemical and botanical properties of drugs in medicinal plants that which gives new drugs. Phytochemistry which infers the second metabolic movement to safeguard from creepy crawlies and growths. Pharmacognosy is the investigation of drugs from regular sources. The American Society of Pharmacognosy characterizes as the investigation of the physical, biochemical, compound, and organic properties of medications, medication substances or potential medications or medication substances of common inception and additionally the look for new medications from normal sources. Phytochemistry is in the strict feeling of the word the investigation of phytochemicals. These are chemicals gotten from plants. In a smaller sense the terms are regularly used to depict the expansive number of optional metabolic mixes found in plants. A significant number of these are known to give assurance against bug assaults and plant infections. They additionally show varied defensive capacities for human purchasers. Phytochemistry is generally utilized as a part of the field of Chinese prescription particularly in the field of home grown medication.)

  • Applications of Pharmacognosy
  • Marine Pharmacognosy
  • Pharmacognostic evaluation
  • Ethno pharmacological perspectives
  • Phytopharmaceuticals

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